Saturday, February 4, 2012

The R factor

Well I hope after watching the above you are not thinking WOW! What a rarity!
 What a load of nonsense it is about as rare as a blade of grass on a football pitch!
Rarity is the one term most often abused by sellers on Ebay and Delcampe. There is nothing rare about this set of stamps. Yes they are a withdrawn set of stamps but there it ends, they were sold but later withdrawn, who is to say that they were returned to the Libyan Postal Authority, who is to say they were destroyed. How many were sold in the time they were on sale. How many have esc onto the market?
You will see these with an asking price of $3-$450 a set, they don't sell, why?, because they are both over-priced and over hyped.
Rarity is a state of scarceness, uniqueness, this issue has neither of these qualities, it is not scarce as it is found in fair abundance and its not unique either, they are just mint stamps.
So what is rarity?
Is this rare?

Well its not rare but it is scarce, its not good quality but its hard to come by.
This one sold for $36 on ebay recently a good example would set you back about $3-$600 a mint example about $2600 tops. Plate 125 was the last plate printed from and therefore was not printed in a great amount, unlike the Libyan stamps of Gadaffi which were printed in great numbers...... Would I rather have the 225 spacefiller.......??
For sure it has far greater rarity than the Libyan stamps.

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